Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cleveland » Lake View Cemetary

Somehow almost forgot to post these pictures! About a week before our little trip to Cleveland, I spent a lot of time scoping out a few more places to fill our two days. I came across a site where a couple people had suggested The Lake View Cemetery. From the pictures I saw, it look pretty gorgeous and graveyard hopping has always been a special activity Corpse and I both and enjoy and share together. Going there seemed like common sense. It really was as pretty as the pictures. It was photo worthy, for sure, but since this was the last place we visited before heading home, we didn't explore a whole, whole lot. As for tombstones and whatnot,there were a lot. Hills upon hills of them. It was a big cemetery and I can see why it got such good reviews. Not to put this place down, by any means, but honestly, after going to Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philly, nothing can really compare when it comes to the variety and details of monuments and tombstones. There was one building that did stand out. It's the one with the columns out front. It was a chapel type building that had some really pretty murals and a place to roll the casket right up on up front. I would have snapped some more pictures in there, but there was actually a guy sitting in there that appeared to work there. I didn't expect that at all. I'm sure he wondered what we were up to carrying around a big old camera and I happened to be wearing my Mohnton Professional Car Club shirt which had a hearse right on the front of it. I seriously wonder what he was thinking because he didn't really say anything, he just stared. Ha ha. There was also another building, which I had to think for a second to come up with what it was called, ..the mausoleum! It was a beautiful building with a ton of windows, glass walls, and ceilings. It was quite a big building and really well kept. I think that maybe my favorite part of the whole cemetery was this room inside the mausoleum, which had all these little compartments in the wall behind glass, which had urns with plaques, statues, and pictures frames of the deceased. It was super interesting to me because I've never saw such a thing before! It was unbelievably beautiful. I didn't know this was really an option. I mean, personally, I think I'd want a tombstone but I think I'd also want to be cremated. I think it's such a neat idea to have your own space to fill with things that represent you. All my junk, so to speak, is a good representation of myself and my life. I believe strongly in capturing moments and memories, which is, I think, a big reason I even take pictures and avidly collect and save so many odds and ends. I know they're just objects but I think objects and concepts can carry on a big legacy of a person once they're gone. Anyway, I think I'm getting a bit off on the subject, but I suppose I've just grown really fond and comfortable of the idea of cremation, living above a crematory. I probably think about these things more than normal, with a crematory and Corpsey's hearse being a huge part of my life. It's really something to think about and there are so many possibilities. See, this is why I think I love graveyards. They're such calm, peaceful places, which jump start your mind and let it wander off in any direction. Anything that powerful and moving is pretty awesome in my book.

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