Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cleveland » Lake Erie

When Laura and I visited Cleveland, I had desperately tried to find a beachy type location. I know it's no real beach but there still has to be some area with sand and some wave sounds going on. I've saw pictures and I know they exist. The lake is the next best thing to the ocean, anyway. However, we had no such luck finding any place like that. I mean, we were all along the water but nothing like I had pictured. Still doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful, as you can see for yourself from the pictures. Before we headed home, I had put the address to the Lakefront Nature Preserve in my GPS. I figured there had to be some photo worthy spots there. It was a very nice, little park, but we ended up walking about a mile in the hot, hot sun to even get to the water. Which, actually, was not sandy like I hoped. It was just a lot of weeds, along a cliff, with rocks and I wont even get into the insane amount of attacking mosquitoes. I still got a lot of nice shots out over the water and of the city sky line. Plus, I got to see a lot of cool birds and I even saw a snake. I think next time I'm in the area, I'll spend a little more time researching beaches or parks or maybe more outdoorsy spots. As much as I love the city, museums, and all the little shops along the streets, I believe the location, next to the lake is one of the most gorgeous features of Cleveland.

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