Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mail Day » Danny Brito

My best friend, Molly, also has a Birthday in April. I decided to mail her a sweet little gift. She has sent me some of her amazing art and thoughtful little cards since she's been down South. So, I figured it was my turn to do something nice in return. Oh, and also just for the fact that she's awesome and beautiful. Along with some other random, interesting junk, I sent her a framed print of Teen Witch by Danny Brito. I've been a follower of Danny Brito's Blog, Tumblr, and Instagram for a while so I was very pleased to have an opportunity to finally show my support and place an order. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous that it wasn't going to stay hanging on my pretty blue wall, but I know she would love it just as much as I do and it would look just as lovely in her North Carolina home. To make it even more personal, I added an old frame that had just been collecting dust in my apartment. I painted the frame a bright magenta color and mixed in some glitter paint. I'm really pleased with how the finished product turned out.  The frame was still a little beat up and missing a hook, but thanks to the clever ideas floating around the world wide web, I just snapped the tab off of a soda can, nailed it on, and it was as good as new! After this little project, I feel like I've been non-stop lurking the internet for all kinds of special paintings, illustrations, and prints to purchase as soon as I get the funds. I just want to cover my walls in inspiration like this and admire it all day long!

» Linds

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