Friday, December 2, 2011

November In Review

November has been another computer-less month. Hopefully something different can be said about December. Here is a look at November according to Instagram....

 Home, Sweet Home Above the Crematory
(See that chimney? That is where the souls escape my apartment. He he)

Decorating for Christmas
(I got the Crimson Skull ornament from a friend back in Junior High) 

Rainy Days
(Listening to Radiohead on my way home from Brownsville on a Sunday night)

 Off to Work

 Kwik Fill Stops
(A day is rarely complete unless I stop at a convenient store)

 Thrifting Gem

 Gifts from a Sweet Boyfriend
(Thank you, Michael!)

 Skate Vids with Michael

 Painting Anatomy
(I always forget how much I love painting)

 Catching up on Blogs
(My parents old desktop gets the job done when I'm without my laptop)

 Admiring the Vinyl

 Coloring with Friends
(No joke, our activities usually include coloring, Tetris, and Crossword puzzles)

 Visiting the Animals

I still have a whole bunch of Instagam'd ferret photos I want to share. I shall do so tomorrow. Check back!

xo, Linds

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