Friday, December 16, 2011

Gadget Wishlist Dreamin'

A sort of continuation of yesterdays wishlist....

My parents must have been really good this year because they somehow got thee coolest gifts! I love gadgets but I know deep down, I really don't need them, but yearning is free, right?

For Dad:

Nook Color

Lucky! I have saw my co-workers enjoying their Nooks in the break room. Everyone seems to have nothing but nice comments about them. First it was teaching my dad how to use an MP3 player and a cell phone. Now this.. we're really up on the times for once it feels like! Learning to use a Nook should be fun!
For Mom:

Nikon D3000

Okay, so maybe I'm not being completely honest. The camera.. my mom and I decided to go half on it. So I actually have partial custody of that baby! I'm pretty excited. I haven't saw it yet so it hasn't hit me yet that it's real. I am so in love with my Nikon. I think it will be great for both of our passions and I hope having more equipment can spark off my tiny photo career a bit more!

Other gadgets:

The iPad. Isn't this on everybody's wishlist this season? Probably so. I know it's absolutely unnecessary. I have a perfectly fine laptop and a fancy iPhone that are capable of so much. I just can't help the want for a new, shiny electronic toy.

At this point, I'm kind of just dreaming of owning a Macbook. I don't even care if it's the old version. I guess I never really understood what all the hype about Apple was until I got an iPhone. I've fallen pretty hard. I think it would be a great notebook to get all my photography organized and to seriously begin to teach myself photoshop. Yeah, a little bit outrageous, but sometimes I do feel as though I need a whole other laptop just for my own junk and without the dangers of all the other junk crashing it.

One more...

I know, I don't need another camera. Probably like.. ever, in my lifetime. Nikon recently came out with these compact little cameras with interchangeable lens. I'd have to try it out to see the quality of pictures it takes but I think it's pretty fascinating how small the can make technology these days. I guess I just imagine myself getting past all the jerk security staff at venues with this little bugger. My monstrous Nikon doesn't stand a chance. Plus, those colors.. the cuteness is killing me!

xo, Linds 

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