Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Days Till Asbury Park, New Jersey

 Yeah, 10 days. I can't really believe it. Less than two weeks. I'm kind of at the point where I'm feeling very excited, anxious, stressed, and nervous. Christmas is getting closer and that is a whole event in itself. I kind of wish I could slow down more to enjoy the holiday but I will have to get right on to packing and preparing. It will be harder to leave home. It seems harder each year. I have a lot more pets since last year, whom I spend a lot of time with. I will be homesick for my critters. Though, I know vacations are for escaping the normal every day routines. I need to remember to embrace that. I need to forget for a couple days about the endless the car troubles, the terrible home lives of my kids at school, the paperwork that should be done and organized, the house that needs cleaned, carpets scrubbed, picking up ferret poop, finding time to blog, wash dishes, take the clothes to be washed, me time, family time, friend time, boyfriend time. It's never ending. I need to let it go. That's what it's all about.. I need to remember laying in bed at home, hearing the wind rushing through town and hitting our tiny apartment and how that reminds me of Asbury Park and waking up in that hotel room and knowing the beach is only one block away. I day dream of the beach fairly often. The waves crashing. Seeing for miles, without another person in sight. The seagulls out on the rocks in the distance. The little closed down, boarded up summer shops. The Bouncing Souls! Of course. You know, if it wasn't for them I'd never know of this crazy, abandoned little town by the sea. I think about lyrics to Springsteen songs from decades ago. I think about my own youth. Growing up. Life. I think about Clarence on the sax. I couldn't speak for anyone else, but a saxophone solo from The Big Man is enough to put me in the holiday spirit. These songs and the memories bring joy to my heart. So even though I am leaving, I know I've still got the holiday spirit in me. I know I'll be back to close out the year. A vacation is just what I need. A step back. It kind of puts everything into a bigger picture. I come back refreshed. A new perspective. Ready to start 2012 on the right note.

xo, Linds

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