Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Christmas Wishlist Dreamin'

I'm all done with my online purchases for this Holiday Season. I had that taken care of for a while now. However, I still wanted to make some sort of wishlist to share on my blog. I thought it would be kind of boring to post things that I know I ordered online so instead, I made a little wishlist of some other things absolutely adore but somehow didn't make the cut or budget. Dreamy wishlists are so much better than realistic ones.

Guess there is always next year for these goodies, huh? Plus, Birthdays and other holidays and splurges inbetween. ;) Wishlists are so fun to put together.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a fun little post I made about all kinda' new gadgets I'm drooling over, but absolutely don't need! More dreaming...

xo, Linds

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