Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Urban Decay Photography

In an effort to make up for my absence and lack of posts in the month of October, I'm going to be posting a series called "Urban Decay Photography" on my blog every Wednesday for the entire month.

As you know, photography is a big part of my life, therefore a big part of my blog. One of the sole purposes this blog was created for was to share my love for photography and to keep me motivated to pursue this passion. You may know or have picked up the fact that urban decay, graffiti, and architecture are my favorite subjects to photograph. Lucky for me, these three things typically come hand in hand.

Considering the area where I live, these types of location are not hard to come by. However, the most difficult challenges may be that you often have to trespass to get on to these properties and sometimes they can be downright dangerous and unsafe structures.

I am going to share with you four of my favorite locations that I have visited recently and feel I have an abundance of photographs to properly share and showcase my experience there. These dates below are tentative just for the simple fact that I have had some majorly bad luck with technology lately, but I fully intend to follow through with this one way or another. Here is a schedule of what you have to look forward to:

Wednesday, November, 9th, 2011: The Hospital
Wednesday, November, 16th, 2011: The Lumber Yard
Wednesday, November, 23rd, 2011: The Shopping Center
Wednesday, November, 30th, 2011: The Whiskey Distillery

If you know of any other locations similar to these, please let me know. I am always interested and curious to explore!

I'm really looking forward to this month! :)

xo, Linds

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