Monday, November 28, 2011

Trundle Manor

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and you are into taxidermy, anatomy, vintage, creepy, and generally all things odd... you must check out Trundle Manor. We booked a visit earlier this month when Molly was back in Pennsylvania. It was not a disappointment. I actually can't believe I haven't heard of this place sooner. The residents are as polite as can be and were kind enough to show us all over their lovely home and answer any questions we had. I could spend hours there looking over every detail and trinket. I didn't want to leave. It certainly inspired me to collect and create and use my wildest imagination. I suspect another visit in the future and this time I will know that it is too big of a job for my iPhone to capture!

Go to the Trundle Manor website... click HERE.

xo, Linds

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