Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Urban Decay Photography: The Hospital

This beauty is in my very own hometown.. Brownsville. :)

I don't know too much on the history of this place, just a bit of info I've picked up online. It was finished being built in 1916 and used as a hospital until 1965. Apparently, Brownsville was a very happening place, due to their river and railways. I've heard people say that it was thought to become as big as Pittsburgh. Naturally, in it's heyday, they needed a hospital. They closed due to population and economic decline, like so many other businesses and industries at the time. Other than that, I know probably about 20 years agos, it was still somewhat of a safe structure because it had been used as a spook house. Today, there are parts of the floor that are completely collapsed. It's in bad shape and completely fenced off. It is still filled with a lot of furniture and surprisingly, a lot of hand writtern files and paperwork dated way back. My favorite feature is the chipping, peeling paint. In combination with the exposed wood, I think it's the most beautiful detail. I only regret not making it down to the basement to find the morgue. I went in the early morning and was not expecting to need a flashlight.

Don't forget to click on the picture to see the larger, more detailed version of the photo!

And here is my super cute squatter companion on this little breaking and entering mission.. ;)

xo, Linds

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