Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Secret Admirer Pt. 1

 A secret admirer is an individual who feels adoration, fondness or love for another person without disclosing their identity to that person.

I'm pretty shy and quiet in blogland. Though I should, I rarely leave comments. I don't do much to get my blog any attention. My blog is actually pretty personal to me. It's my own little sanctuary. My own little bit of the world full of nothing but things I love. I spend a lot of time gathering inspiration and taking in positive words. I re-blog. Re-tweet. Re-pin. I have a pretty wonderful archive of invigorating pictures and words. Mostly thanks to my list of daily reads. Without a doubt, these blogs make my days a little brighter. I'm honestly not sure how everyone isn't consumed by the blogosphere. It's beautiful and addicting. I don't think people understand what all is out there. Certainly a little something for everybody! I can't imagine it not being a part of my every day routine now. I couldn't pick a favorite. There so many different styles and so many different reasons behind it, but each one speaks to a little part of me. You go to these sites every day.. you see their homes, studios, artwork, family, children. You read silly rants about nothing. You read the really touching, strong, empowering posts. You're there for it all. The ups and the downs. The bad quality cell phone photos to glorious photographs of breathtaking adventures. They share their knowledge, their influence, their process. It's a community within itself. People helping people. It's just a great thing to come home to.. to wind down, recharge, refresh, and get regain perspective and motivation. I can't lie, it's a great escape from the drags of reality sometimes. I can't complain about this new mindset I've tricked myself into. To appreciate the tiniest of gems in a monotonous week. It might just be a moment or a picture of a sleeping ferret. It might be the sound of some good vinyl spinning. Maybe just the way the sky looks one day. An unlikely color combination. A lyric. These are all simple things but reading blogs and having my own blog has taught me something about slowing down. Enjoying these things. If I'm lucky, capturing these things. Documenting these things. Sharing them. Being able to look back on these things. Sometime as tiny slices of goodness and sometimes as a whole, big picture. The power of words and pictures is a pretty deep thing! It's a pretty strong connection that can be made. I do believe it takes talent and effort and patience. It's sounds kind of strange, but you become a part of these different worlds. These people. Their lives. How could you not? Especially when they are in your own life every day. It's definitely a 'you're not alone' kind of feeling. These are the blogs that really get my wheels turning. These are the blogs I admire from afar. So I guess you could call me a secret admirer?


But wait! There's more! I'm spreading the love as much as I can in the name of Valentine's Day. I will be posting more of my secret blog crushes for the next couple days. I'm pretty sure this is more fun for me, than it is for you...

xo, Linds

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