Friday, June 3, 2011

Proud Owner - Kit-Cat Clock

I have always longed to have a kitchen with a Kit-Cat clock in it. My little dream has finally came true! During a trip to the store, I just so happened to come across one at a bed, bath, and home store called Altmeyer's. It's a about 1/4 the size smaller than the original ones from the 1930's. It fits perfectly on edge of the wall between the kitchen and living room. I'm trying to keep up with the retro style kitchen. I had put off ordering one of these clocks online for so long. I'm thankful I did because this one feels like it's meant to be. His eyes and tails are just mesmerizing. I could look at his little cat smile forever. I can certainly see how he has brought so much joy into people's homes for so many years. :)

Now I'll take one in every color, please! ;)

By the way, the computer is back home. It's still in the process of getting back to a normal full recovery. I'm so thankful we did not lose any photos.

TGIF. See you tomorrow!

xo, Linds

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